About NZ Yarn

Manufacturers of high quality wool spun yarns for the carpet industry

NZ Yarn Ltd manufactures and markets high quality wool spun yarns for the carpet industry worldwide. These NZ wool yarns are a reflection of traditional crossbred wools grown in New Zealand featuring excellent colour, crimp, bulkiness, strength and durability.

NZ Yarn has the capability of producing in excess of 200,000 kg’s per month. The flexibility in the production of varying types of yarns is well known through the industry. Computer control of key processing units ensures the maintenance of consistently high quality standards and optimum efficiency.

Precision in meeting requested delivery dates is aided by the close proximity to the major export port of Lyttelton, and Christchurch International Airport.

Product quality is paramount – NZ Yarn’s commitment to quality ensures a high standard and tight control over yarn production is maintained at all times.

NZ Yarn is proudly 100% New Zealand owned by Carrfields Primary Wool and independent investors including farmers, wool growers and other investors who are passionate about the wool industry and are driven to showcasing NZ wool yarn on a global scale.

Key points…

  • Manufacturers of high quality spun yarns for the carpet industry.
  • Capability of blending New Zealand wool, and synthetic fibres to individual customer specifications.
  • Yarns supplied on hank or cone in natural white, bleached white, solidy dyed shades, berbers, tweeds and heather mixtures


Quality control

NZ Yarn’s quality control division operates around the clock to oversee the entire manufacturing process.

Trained technicians operate from a fully equipped laboratory to carry out tests on all batches, check on quality standards and ensure customer specifications are strictly adhered to.

Product Range

NZ Yarn manufactures yarn on the wool spinning system – these are produced for tufted, woven and hand knotted carpets and under-blankets.

To compliment the New Zealand wool yarn, we can also blend imported wools and synthetic fibres to individual customers’ specifications. Yarns can be supplied on hank or on cone in natural white, bleached white or dyed solid shades, berbers, tweeds and heather mixtures.

  • Count Range: R220 to R800 tex singles (4.5NM to 1.3NM)
  • Up to R2500 tex for twisted and cabled yarns.
  • Ply Range: Single to 8 ply cabled and fancy yarns.